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In celebration of Willie Warren & Myra Shanks
Their Life and Times

Background on previous generations alas with no photographic evidence
John Warren6-8-1756 married Elizabeth in Baptism St P. Arran Quay. They had 4 children, one of two two sons William 16-11-1794 in Coolock Co.Dublin. He married Mary Anne Howard 9-2-1817 in R.C. Church Clontarf. Wil liam was a Pilot.
They had 10 children.Two sons James 15-7-182 and George 25-10-1818 both moved to Kingstown

Background on previous generations alas with no photographic evidence
John Shank's father John was born in Co. Down 22nd March 1854 to Hugh Shanks and Rebecca Reid, He married Sarah-Frances Keatinge , they had 7 children . His brother James was Lord Mayor of Dublin Great Grand Uncle to Shanks family's children



William Warren Pilot
9-6-1848 died 15-12-1932
Married 24-4-1889 St. Michael's D.L.
Mary Murray
House keeper
10-5-1859 died 10-5-1940


John Shanks General Clerk
21- 3- 1880 died 20-4-1939
Married 21st April 1901
Lizzie Doyle Wareroom Keeper
11th July 1878-1951


James Warren 10 - 2-1890
Married a Scotish Lady had 3 children

Mary Francis 1902
John Kelly children14
Georgina Myra 1903
William Warren children 12
Mary Warren 18-11-1891 Died 31yrs.
Mr. John A Colbert 11-12-1887 5 children
Phylis Elizabeth 1906
Joseph Cloak children 12
Patrick Warren 11-10-1893 to 6-12-1969
Sarah Gibney 10-4-1968 3 children
Veronica (Vera) 1908
Louis Jenkins children 3
William Warren 10-7-1895-11-4-1975
Georgina Myra Shanks children 12
Margaret Mary (Peggy) 1910
William Maunsley children 1
Richard Francis 4-6-1897
Nellie Drumgoole children 3
Died 1918 age 6 years
Peter Francis 2-10-1899
Hanora A. Sheehan children 12
John Warren Shanks
Died 1917 Age 21/2 yrs

William Warren (Willie)10-7-1895-17-4-1975
Married 7-6-1923 Adam & Eve Merchant's Quay
Georgina Myra Shanks 10-7-1903- 15-3-1981


Pamela & John probably died as a result of the Spanish Flu
They are buried with their Mum & Dad and Mum's brother Joseph in Glasnevin Grave No WJ 294.5 in St. Bridget's plot.
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