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The Focus of this Web site is from John Warren through to the children & grandchildren of William Warren (WILLIE) & Georgina Myra Shanks (MYRA). The various generations of old family photographs that have survived lends an added interest.
John Warren


6th Aug 1756



William Warren


16th Nov 1794

9th Feb 1817
Sea Pilot
Mary Anne Howard


James Warren

15th July 1821

14th Oct 1844
Mary Kelly
6th Jan 1906

James & Mary's Surviving Children
Alan Warren's family photo Archive

William Warren Pilot Born 9th September 1848, Kingstown (Dun Laoire) married Mary Murray
Charlotte Warren Born 1851 Kingstown (Dun Laoire) married Richard Archbold
Maria Warren Born 1858 and died at 24 Mellifont Ave. Dressmaker as was Elizabeth
George Warren Born 1862 Kingstown (Dun Laoire) Died 14th February 1920
Elizabeth Born 1865 Anna Ville, Kingstown Ave., Kingstown (Dun Laoire)died 1952 24 Mellifont Ave
3 children must have deceased as babies as only 5 of their 8 children are accounted.
Family Grave: The family grave is located in Glasnevin Cemetery Garden section (95-5-96)
James was born in the Sheds, Clontarf

There was a record of a James Warren's Will with beneficiary Maria Warren
James' cause of death was cancer of the face, Maria his daughter was present at his death
Witness at James and Mary's wedding were George and Charlotte Kelly
James died at 24, Mellifont Ave.(Thom's lists him at Pilot Cottages, Bulloch)

William Warren

9th Sept 1848

24th April 1889
Mary Murray
15th Dec 1932

In 1901 census, Warren family is living at 90, Lismore Cottages, Botanic Ave.
William was ordered to move to Dublin from Bulloch to pilot in Dublin Port
Jan. 1900 see Port & Docks letter Permanent River Position to William
Mary Murray was born 1857 in Tipperary to Patrick Murray and Mary Maher
Their marriage address was 3, Eblana Ave. Kingstown (Dun Laoire)
Children are as follows (page5)
James Warren b. 1890 Kingstown Co. Dublin
Mary Warren b 1891 Kingstown Co. Dublin
Patrick Leo Warren b 1893 Kingstown Co Dublin Notes for Patrick Leo Warren, apprenticed to printing 1911
William Warren b 1895 Kingstown Co Dublin Apprenticed to Joinery in 1911 (Willie)
Richard Warren b 1897- 7, Pilot Cottages, Bulloch, Dalkey
Peter Francis Warren b 7th Oct 1899 -7 Pilot Cottages, Bulloch, Dalkey

Thanks must be given to the following family members who shared these gems
from the past with us.

Alan Warren - Geneology Tables notes and Family photographic Archive - a mountain of information.
Brian Warren Port & Docks Memo (brother) guardian of the fascinating collection of Memos from his Grandfather's working days as a Sea Pilot
Ian Rorke now living in Australia, Great Grandparents and Grandparent's wedding photos- Ismay and John Rorke's son
Myra Mulcahy eldest daughter of May and Dan Mulcahy, guardian of the Biscuit Tin of many family snaps
May Dean, Marino - photographs of the family members and of 24, Mellifont Ave., Dun Laoire
Ursula Warren, Donnycarney daughter of Peter, brother of Willie. Family Photographs
Don Rorke - Ismay and John Rorke's son. Irish Army History
Niamh Barrat nee Warren- Peter Warren's daughter British Army History

Colm Colbert - Grand son of Mary sister of Willie family photographs
Ronny Warren -Terenure son of Paddy brother of Willie, family photographs
Brian O'Crowley - His Mum Muriel my sister had a great interest in family lore which he shared

Georgina Myra Shank's family History and many photographs are thanks to
May Kelly- niece of Myra, daughter of her sister May
Martina Kelly - Grand daughter of May Shanks. Tina
supplied the background story of the Shanks nee Doyle families.
Myra Mulcahy also provided Photographs

The Geneology tables below are thanks to the research of Alan Warren. Alan is the son of Jacky Warren, who is a brother of May Dean nee Warren. Known as the Marino Warren, whereas we are know as the Fairview Warren. The Marino Warren's father William (Bill) was a first cousin of William (Willie) Warren Fairview. They shared the same Grandfather and Grandmother James Warren and Mary Kelly. Bill was George's son and Willie was William's son. I have included Alan's 9 page file
Extra Warren Geneology Notes. It holds a huge amount of detail (5 generations) so I would advise you to print it out and keep it for reference.

It can get very difficult finding your way down the line, especially from James 1821, just remember for the Fairview Warrens follow William 1848 to Willie 1895. William, James' son was 41 before he married Mary Murray on the 24th April 1889. They had 6 children, one of which William Warren Fairview (Willie) Thanks to his wife Georgina Myra Shanks (Myra) and her collection of old photographs from her Mother Elizabeth Shanks and also the milestone photographs she had taken of her own 12 children. No small feat in the circumstance, so compiling this web site is a celebration of the life and times of two wonderful parents, "Willie and Myra".