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9TH SEPT. 1848 - 15TH DEC 1932
This page consists of William's family photograph and history, his parents, his siblings and children
Quick links in the table below to each of William and Mary's 6

James Warren (Jim)
Mary Colbert nee
Patrick Warren (Paddy)
William Warren (Willie)
Richard Warren (Dick)
Navy WW1 Records
Peter Warren

PILOT COTTAGES BULLOCH (no. 10to no.1 left to right)

William eldest son of James Warren and Mary Kelly. Memorandums from William's time as Pilot in Dun Laoire during 1892/3 and 1900 survived go to Memos to view. The originals were given to the Maritime Museum. Mr D Dunn was Superintendent of the Pilots in Dun Laoire in William's time when he was Master of "Sophia". Obviously, Dunn loved his job and must have been a thorn in the Pilots' side if these Memos are anything to go by. He certainly ran a very tight ship. ON 6th January 1872 William was appointed a pilot for the Port of Dublin (His Pilot Certificate is included with the Memos).
William married Mary Murray Mary originally from Co. Tipperary was a housekeeper to a Parish Priest at 3, Eblana Ave.She married from there 24th April 1889. They had 6 children, James (Jim) Mary, Patrick Leo(Paddy), William (Willie) Richard(Dick) Peter. The first 4 children had 2, Mellifont Ave., as their address on their Baptismal Certificates. Obviously they then moved to Pilot Cottages as Dick and Peter were Baptised in Church of the Assumption Dalkey the given address 8 Pilot Cottages. However, Peter was only 1 year old, when William was required to move to Dublin and take up the position of Pilot in Dublin Port & Docks

Wedding Photograph 24th April 1889

James (Jim)
10th February 1890

         Mary Murray 10-5-1859 died 10-5-1940
William Warren 9-6-1848 died 15-12-1932
They had 6 children
. Mary was held in very high regard by her sons, daughter and daughers-in-law. She was a very gentle soul.

Mary (Colbert)
18th November 1891
27th Jan 1922
Patrick Leo (Paddy)
11th October 1893
6th Dec.1969
William (Willie)
10th July 1895
11th April 1975
Richard (Dick)
4th June 1897
Peter 2nd Oct 1899
26th Aug.1972

William was born 9th Sept 1848 in Kingstown (Dun Laoire). His brother George (Marino Warrens descended through George), and 3 sister Charlotte, Maria and Elizabeth. Maria and Elizabeth stayed on in 2, Mellifont Ave. running a dress mantle making business, as seen in the photographs these were very intricate and high class gowns. Charlotte married Richard Archbold, Witnessed by William Warren and Julia Kelly.
William's parents James & Mary in 1901 Census were living at 8 Pilot Cotttages Bulloch, presumably moving there when William and family moved to Glasnevin. James & Mary's children
Mary Ann born 8th Feb. 1846
William born 9th June 1848
Charlotte born 17th April 1850
James born 15th Jan 1855
Maria 24th Oct 1858
George 24th feb 1861 Married 14th Oct. 1888 Mary Prendergas
Elizabeth 27th Dec 1865
2, Mellifont Ave Dun Laoire
Maria & Elizabeth
door 2, Mellifont
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Charlotte, Maria
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James with Elizabeth at door
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Mary Kelly
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Mary Kelly
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One of the sisters
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One of the sisters
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Maria or Elizabeth
James & Mary Warren
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RMS LEINSTER. 10th Oct. 1918

William & Charlotte's Daughter
Born Posthumously

Charlotte married Richard Archbold, Witnessed by William Warren and Julia Kelly. 22nd April 1873. They had 5 children
Mary Archbold 1874
Richard Archbold 1877 (Richard never married)
Charlotte 1879
Christina 1881
Margaret 1890

Charlotte Archbold 21st Aug 1879 married William Warren 22nd Jan 1882 in 1908. They were 2nd cousins, sharing William Warren 1794 as their Great Grandparent. Charlotte and William had 3 children
Marie Charlotte 1911-1998
Richard 1912-1970
Kathleen 1919-2000 born posthumously.
William a seaman worked on the mail boat and passenger ship
RMS LEINSTER. 10th Oct. 1918 the Leinster was torpedoed by a German Submarine UB 123. Tragically there was a huge loss of 565 lives and William was among the casualties. Practically every family in Dun Laoire lost a family member. The recovered Ship's Anchor, a feature on the pier a constant reminder of the Leinster. The Maritime Museum Dun Laoire holds the Ship's bell and during the 100 year Commemoration service the Bell was rung. Many Families in Wales had losses as well. There is a huge amount of information available regarding this tragedy on the internet.
As a child Willie often spoke to us about the Orphans. Only 13 years divided both William Warrens, so his death would have been a momentous tragedy.


William on the right
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William with his Brothers
L to R
George 1885
John 1881
William 1882

William and Mary's family 5 boys and 1 girl with photographs that have survived over the years.

All photos are shown as thumbnails with option to view larger version where able

James Warren (Jim) 10th February 1890. Jim, the eldest son of William and Mary, joined the British Army and married a lady from Scotland and settled in England. They had 3 daughters.

Jim,s Army Photo
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First left
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Jim with his wife and daughter
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Jim and his 3 daughters
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Jim's daughter Florrie
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Letter to his Mother 1936
(see the change of address 169,Botanic Ave.)

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Mary Warren 18th Nov 1891- 27th Jan 1921, only daughter married July 1913 to Jack Colbert born 11th Dec 1887, they had 5 children, Ria,(Hanna Mary) Born 28th May 1914 and married Patrick O'Sullivan
Ita, Born 27th July 1915 Married Paddy Loughrane
Piaras Patrick Born 2nd May 1918 Married Eileen,
Monica Born 22nd January 1920 Married Heasley
Una Born 16th December 1921 tragically Mary died when Una was only 6 weeks old. Nana Mary stepped up to rear Una. The photo below was on Mary's memorial card. She was a huge loss to her own and parent's family.

Mary Colbert nee Warren
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Peter Warren youngest son holding Una (16th Dec. 1921) with his arms around toddler Monica (22nd Jan 1920). Most probably taken day of Mary's funeral
Ria (28th May 1914)
Ita (27th July 1915)
Piaras Patrick (2nd May 1918
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Wedding Photo group (Ronny & Patty) left to right, Patsy Warren (Peter's daughter) Jack Colbert- Mary's Widower, Rosie - Peter Warren's Wife and Patsy's Mother with Ita . Una worked as an Optician in London, met her husband there a Teacher named Brendan Kilboy.
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Willie Warren with Paddy Loughran in the RDS during the Horse Show. Prize Winner in the "Trotting Pony" category
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Ita and Paddy Loughran's Wedding Photo Group.
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Patrick Leo (Paddy) 11th October 1893 Married Sadie

Sadie sitting on the chair holding Ronny, Paddy holding Ruthie and a family friend.
Pat and myself loved being invited to the Parties in Terenure.
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Mary Warren youngest , Confirmation Photo
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Paddy at the back, Ronny front right, two family friends with Sadie. Ruthie is sitting on the ground
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Sadie Gibney. Paddy's wife. Her family had a shop in Drumcondra. When they married they opened a shop in Terenure.
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Probably the Gibney shop in Drumcondra
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Ruthie, Ronny and Mary on holidays with PhotoShop inserts of Paddy and Sadie
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Ronny with his Dad Paddy
Ronny as a toddler
Ronny with his Mum Sadie and Dad Paddy
Sarah (Sadie) in fancy dress-----------------------Paddy Back Row 1st right, Peter sitting down 1st left
Sea Charger 1953 at the Curragh Races Paddy second from the right

William Warren (Willie) 10th July 1895 died 17th April 1975. Willie was apprenticed to Joinery according to 1911 census at 16 years old.

British Army
Royal Irish Fusiliers
11307 Private
Discharge in National Library Dublin 5.8.1920
WO 372/21/18559
Just turned 19 years old joined the English 5th & 6th (Service) Battalion in Aug 1914. Formed at Armagh as part of the First New Army (K1) and then moved to Dublin to join the 31st Brigade of the 10th Division.
April 1915 Moved to Basingstoke. July 1915 Embarked for Gallipoli from Liverpool, landing 07.08.1915 at Suvla Bay and engaged in various actions against the Turkish Army including; Battle of Sari Bair, Capture of Chocolate Hill, Hill 60.
Oct 1915 Deployed to Salonika and engaged in actions against the Bulgarian Army including; The Battle of Kosturino, Retreat from Serbia, Capture of the Karajakois, Capture of Yenikoi. 02.11.1916 Absorbed the 6th Battalion.
Sept 1917 Deployed to Egypt and Palestine as part of the Palestine Campaign.
30.04.1918 Deployed to France, embarking at Port Said leaving the 10th Division arriving at Marseilles.
23.07.1918 Transferred to the 66th Division. 24.08.1918 Transferred to the 48th Brigade of the 16th Division absorbing the 11th Battalion; The Final Advance in Artois.
11.11.1918 Ended the war at Antoing south of Tournai, Belgium.
Joined Old I.R.A.
William Warren
2 Batt B Coy
2nd Eastern Division
Dublin Brigade
National Army
207312 373681

Fought in the Irish Civil War with Michael Collins. While Dad never talked about his escapes in the British Army or any other part of his Military service,he visable got very upset whenever DeValera made an appearance on the Television obviously never forgetting his loyalty to Michael Collins. His framed Memorial photograph hung in our home. The inscription on it reading "In Memory often, sweet Memories roam, with greetings from Heaven my Home"
During the second World War, Willie joined the Military Police as Sergeant Major Warren, National Troops, King's Inn. Some clues as to Willie's career were obtained in a letter from Sean Colbert dated 1924 and a postcard from Myra date unknown . Myra's postcard had her very distinctive mature handwriting which makes me think it was in 1940 ish. You can make up your own mind they are below.
Willie Warren & Myra's family photos are listed on Fairview Warrens

Willie's Baptism Certificate
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Myra and Willie's Wedding Photo
Married 7-6-1923
Adam & Eve Merchant's Quay

Fairview Warrens
(Chronological photographic view of their 12 children )
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Willie with Ronny in O'Connell Street
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Group Photograph likely 31st Brigade of the 10th Division.
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This lovely note exists
Willie's wedding vows to Myra
in his own handwriting
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Military Police during the Emergency
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Divisional Intelligence Dept.,
Portobello Barracks'
8th September 1922
11.45 p.m.

To: Sergeant Warren
King's Innes
As your report of the 5th inst., relating to the shooting of one, Mr W.S. in Capel Street, on the night of the 4th inst., please forward a full detailed report as to what happened immediately after Mr W.S. was shot, where his revolver was and who took it previously to my getting it on the 5th inst.,also who brought Wm.S. and Dunne to Mercers Hospital, and what statement, if any, was made when they were being brought there.

Owen Tatty Lieut.
Recording Officer

This was William Warren's handwritten reply

From Sergeant Warren
King's Innes
Shooting in Capel Street of armed civilian

Of the night of the 4th inst., I was in charge of a patrol in Capel Street. On entering the Fish & Chip shop with Private Dunne we started to search some civilians that were seated. Private Dunne walked over to a table where 3 men were seated and ordered them to put their hands up, while he was about to search one, Mr Wm .S. drew a 45 revolver & shouted “you put your hands up” at the same time firing and wounding Private Dunne. Dunne and myself replied to the fire and killed Wm. S. who fell across the table with the revolver in his right hand. Just as we were about to search the remainder of the civilians, fire opened from the far side of the road at some of my men outside the door. I rushed out to give orders to my men and just at that moment Private O'Reilly and Private Murphy rushed into the shop and took the revolver from S's hand and handed it to me. I inspected the revolver and there were 2 rounds fired. I went outside and commandeered a sidecar to take Private Dunne to the City Hall to get an ambulance to remove him to Hospital. I also got a priest for Private Dunne. Meantime Corporation ambulance came to City Hall for the body of Wm S. I saw Private Dunne into the ambulance and proceeded back to my men. To my knowledge there was no statement made in my presence.

Sept 1917 Deployed to Egypt and Palestine as part of the Palestine Campaign.
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Postcard From Myra to Willie
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Reference letter from Sean Colbert
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Great boots and Willie certainly filled them .I am astonished how little we knew about him and his army career. He was just our Dad.

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Shooting & Fishing Friends, Harry Barry,'Melia and Mongy. These are names that come to mind but are open to correction.He loved the television in his retirement never missing Monica Sheridan's cookery program, highly amused when she licked her fingers. Willie had a side line he reared pigs for market up in the Stables. This was the yard at the back of our Aunt Phil's house. See Fairview Warrens
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Willie the shopkeeper checking a delivery. I can remember a weekly pyramid of cabbage being delivered by horse and cart arriving first thing in the morning the farmer having walked overnight from Rush. Feeding the horse with spare cabbage leaves was a delight to us as kids.
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Retirement to the Burrow, Portrane suited Willie to perfection, he had his boat, his fishing and chat with his many Rush friends on Rogerstown Pier plus the Rush Sailing Club activities.
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Richard (Dick) Warren
4th June 1897

Dick's complete Navy Records
Thanks to Niamh Warren
Richard's WW1 Navy Record


Dick in his Naval Uniform
Dick with Nellie and I guess Ron as a youngster. They lived in Plymouth and when Nellie died Dick retired back to Shankill Co.Dublin. Nellie came from Glasthule. Her maiden name was Dromgoole.

Ron and his wife Daphne they settled in Ottawa, Canada. They had 3 children, 2 boys Neil, Roy and Mary a daughter. They also had 3 Granddaughters. Neil died July 2010 suddenly from a massive heart attack and Ron died November 2011.

Brian with his cousin Martha (I believe). Dick and Nellie adopted her little sister Ann when their Mum died. The family moved to no. 8 Pilot Cottages Bulloch before Dick was born from 2, Mellifont Ave. hence he was baptised in the Church of the Assumption Dalkey, right beside where I live. I often think when at Mass, my Grandparents attended this Church, makes Dalkey feel more like home. I must confess I still miss not living North of the Liffey.
Brian Warren from Plymouth, Dick's son on a visit to Willie & Myra, with Sheila Byrne a cousin who worked in Warren's of Fairview

Peter Warren 2nd Oct 1899. Peter Francis married Hanora Rose Sheehan (Rosie) Born 4th June 1900 Died 10th Nov.1987 The family lived in Donnycarney.We had a lot of contact with our cousins, living so close, especially as there were 11 surviving children in that family, the same as our own. Photos of all 11 are included here thanks to Ursula who still lives in the family home. Patricia (Patsy), Peter (Pete), Liam, Dennis (Died as a baby) Donal, Finola, Ursula, Patrick, Derek, Johnny, Teresa, Veronica (Ronny) to name all eleven.


Peter was born like Dick in 8 Pilot Cottages, Bulloch, in the 1901 census they were living
in Botanic Ave. Glasnevin and Peter is 1 year old. There is a Letter from the Port & Docks listed toward the end of the Memos informing William (our Granddad) to move to Dublin A.S.A.P. to take up his new post.

Peter ran away to join up at just 16 years of age, fibbing about his age. Hi father went after him and divulged his true age and he was sent home. Word has it that he grew 2 inches in height while he was in the army.
Peter as a young man. Sorry to say but I have no history much on Peter's life.
Peter with Patsy his eldest daughter.
This is a very poignant picture of Peter with Una and her sister Monica just a toddler I imagine it was taken at Mary their mother's funeral.
Rosie with Patsy in the pram. A happy poem that Peter wrote and had published in the paper. Rosie, Finola with Pete sitting down beside Ronny.
Patsy with Teresa and Ronny Liam with Ronny and Teresa Patsy with Finola and Patrick.
Left Veronica and Theresa with dolls. Right group front Left to Right Derek, Johnny, back L to R Veronica, Patrick, Ursula and Theresa
Donal Johnny Derek with Patsy.
On the left Ursula (a guide for many years) Group family L to R Liam, Ronny, Johnny, Patsy, Patrick, Ursula, Derek, Theresa, Finola. Missing Pete (America) and Donal