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This information is from Brian Warren, Fairview Branch,
son of Willie and Myra.
I have endeavoured to decipher Capt.Dunn's writing

I have arranged for Wm Warren to go on board and pilot the Afsistance to Dublin on Wed. the 6th so watch out for her with
H.Q. Assistance. If the Captain requires let him stop by her and take her out that is if the Captain requires him. Get his note signed same as any other vessel, tell him to look at her draft of water himself.

You will please instruct William Warren to take charge of the "Sophia" Doyle has got his hand injured. I shall see that he is paid extra for his time on her
"Sophia" goes east this morning

Yours truly

D. Dunn

The Masters of all Cutters have instructions from me to report at once to me any absentees from your C;utter, why is this not attended too. Send in report at once giving the date if any absented from the Cutter

Any Pilot absent from duty on any Cruise shall be entered in the Log Book daily and report sent in to me at once in writing.

To attend at this office to see me with yourself

John Giles is reduced to 14 ft of water and find one pound for neglect of duty and should he ever act in a simi liar measure to be dismissed the Service

Please Note that I have this day appointed Christopher Tallant "mate" of the Cutter "Sophia"
A complaint has been made that the Pilot Cutters are in the Harbour overnight and are in the habit of going out in the morning in the way of Mail Boat and sometimes just outside pier heads not allowing sufficient room for the steamer to turn on her course .Thereby risking sinking the Cutter - more particular if there should be trawlers or other craft in the way of the Cutter. This complaint I fear will necessitate the Masters going to the Board to be dealt with.

Thomas Doyle has liberty to go on board find one pound and reduced to 2nd Class for neglect of duty.

Draft of water 18 feet.

28th July 1917
Gentlemen will you please give Bearer a fraternity of 10/- and also to the Pilot who brought us in for handling the Steamer so well. Please note that this charge is allowed by the Admiralty
Aitlean Master

Circular & copies sent to all Masters of each Cutter.
Master or Mate in charge of the Pilot Cutters that does not report at once and enter in Log Book the names of Absentees from Duty- such matter as noted shall be fined for neglecting to do so. No Money to be paid to Absentees without my instructions during their neglect of duty.

Dear Sir
You will please note that Peter Cullen is reduced to 2nd class and fined £1 for neglect of Duty, Pilot Tallant fined 10/- for same offence .Thomas Doyle & John Giles are not to be allowed on board without an order from me. Yours truly D Dunn Superintendent

28th Nov. 1892
You shall impress upon the Pilots, any of whom should take ill that a Certificate of illness be sent to this office on coming ashore from Dr. O' Donovan. All the Pilots know this but I find it advisable that the Masters shall impress it to the Pilots. No sick money can be paid to any person without a certificate from Dr. O' Donovan stating the nature of the man's illness and date of first attendance.

By order of Capt. Dunn

Copy to each Cutter

D Dunn
Peter Cullen has liberty to Pilot according to his former rating

You can take Cullen on Board and most certainly if he does not improve and finish his duty and keep from drink dismissal must be taken on the first offence. D. Dunn Super.

I have to request that you get the New Mainsail thoroughly dry, make it snug , place in the store and bend your Summer sail. I have also to request that you inform your crew the Daniel Kinsella is dismissed the pilot service for drink and neglect of duty D. Dunn

This fund was set up as a result of the loss of all 15 hands on the no. 2 lifeboat which went to the aide of the ship Palme on Christmas Eve 1895 . It is commemorated every year since. You can get the full story on u-tube or wikipedia. The tragedy was seen from shore as the Palme was trying to enter Kingstown Harbour
The Palme's crew, baby and even the ship's cat were rescued on St. Stephen's Day

This must be James Warren
This is the reason William moved his family back over the liffey to 90 Lismore Cottages, Botanic Ave. with his wife and 6 children, Peter the youngest just a year old.

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